Bombay Toast - Appetizer

Hey! here I've given 2 minutes simple recipe everybody loves it, because all willing to consumes time with better cooking item, when crispy awesome added to your breakfast, no one will skip. I had really made this for you!

2minutes Making of Bombay Toast Appetizer!


Milk - 1/2 litre
Egg - 2
Ghee - 50 gm
Sugar (Required amount )
Bread - Large (Avoid bakery bread as it will be so soft)
Coriander leaves (Garnish)



Boil the milk , beat two eggs nicely until the foam occurs and then stir the milk and egg together with sugar.


Sugar can be powdered too (no prob).


Then apply ghee on pan, dip the bread in the stirred milk and then put it in pan, toast the bread until the light brown occurs.


Add coriander leaves over it to garnish. Now you are ready with successful appetizer. It is best to serve with tomato sauce!

Bombay Toast Appetizer

Tips: sugar can be powdered and also beat the egg nicely to avoid the smell of egg.

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